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At Satori, we teach you tools for personal wellness, self-care, and self-mastery


Self-Mastery: Our approach to improving quality of life

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Many of today's concerns about well-being (that are non-clinical) such as mental health, dealing with stress, burnout, lack of confidence, and decreased productivity, may be addressed by equipping individuals with the right tools to develop the appropriate mindset and regulate their emotions.

It is our mission at Satori to impart such tools that people may truly discover their hidden gifts, and making them feel more empowered and in control in their everyday lives.

Our methods are rooted from traditions developed and practiced for thousands of years to achieve overall health, well-being, mastery, and self-realization, combined with modern methods to thrive in today's world

We are trained with knowledge passed down from generations of great masters to students to learn the secrets of nature, life, and health.

We bring together timeless traditional practices applied to modern life, giving you a potent and extraordinary experience.

To thrive in today's world, we must know how to get through adversity. we train to know and master ourselves, to thrive physically, mentally, and even spiritually.

Our programs can challenge your mindset and habits, but it is through overcoming these challenges that one can truly develop. We are here to teach and guide you through.

The programs are led by Samantha Kapunan, an entrepreneur, Zen teacher, and certified yoga instructor.

Break through your mental chains and discover your inner power to thrive and live beautifully!


While we're truly amazed by physical transformation, our goal is to experience the change emotionally and mentally. That kind of deeper transformation radiates outward! I've had the privilege to guide amazing people. I'm very grateful to these amazing students who powered through challenges and revealed their inner warrior!

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"The greatest lesson I've learned from SATORI PROGRAM on being the best version of myself is THE POWER OF THE MIND. There are things out of our control, the only thing we can control is THE WAY WE THINK, so choose to nourish our mind with positive thoughts."


Milan, Italy


"I have increased energy, my mind feels clearer and I am relieved of any aches and pains from my past trauma.

I can sleep better now and I am more grateful everyday and appreciating what matters most."


Manila, Philippines

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"I have a different mindset now. I'm so glad I met you and didn't hesitate to approach you. I feel connected.

I really thought I lost chance for myself but for some reason this journey gave me motivation to live. I'm just happy."


California, USA


The program is not all about the challenges. It's about dealing with yourself, your fear and your thoughts. We are our own limit...

Strength doesn't come from doing what you can do but overcoming the things you once thought you can't."


Manila, Philippines


"Thank you miss Sam for guiding me in my Satori journey. I have learned to handle stress in a calm manner.

I am now able to focus on myself, my mind feels clear and confident everyday whatever the future brings."




"I am gratefule for the encouragement and the tools you have taught me on how to overcome my and anxieties and depression.

Right now, I am living my life again one day at a time and I have trust in my body and its ability to heal."


Iligan, Philippines


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