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Midyear #ResetChallenge: 7 simple steps

It should go without saying that 2021 has still been a rocky year of uncertainty and confusion for many of us. We have learned to adapt, though, and many have thrived too.

I've personally learned exceptional lessons and met unforgettable people. However, some things did pile up and I've somehow gotten off track--losing my morning routine, overeating junk food, procrastinating and being indecisive, trying too hard, gaining weight... you get the picture.

This happens even to the most disciplined, and let me be one to tell you: STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP FOR IT. I feel you. So now, let's pick ourselves up!

This is why I created the Mid-year #ResetChallenge, initially for myself, but I recognize there are those of you who are hungry to do something to get back in line. As a zen teacher, I've learned essential tools and practices over time to bring myself (and my students) back to balance.

For 2 weeks straight, focus on these 7 tasks. Put everything, non-essential, aside.

  1. Wake up before 7AM - Wake up with the sun. Rising up early also makes you more confident and calm to face the day because you're prepared, instead of trying to play catch up because everyone else is ahead of you.

  2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes - First thing in the morning, before the world makes its demands on you, center and ground yourself. Meditation doesn't have to be complicated. Just sit, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Thoughts will come, but let them come without attaching to them. Go back to your breath. Add in some affirmations to set your mind up for the day.

  3. Exercise for 30 minutes - Move your body! Get that circulation going and positive hormones to power you up. Do what feels right for you that day. An intense HIIT session? A gentle yoga flow? A strengthening weights session? Even a walk. MOVE.

  4. Learn a new skill - Choose a skill to learn in these two weeks. It makes you discover new things about yourself. It's a challenge! Plus, it opens new doors of opportunity especially this time when work conditions and roles are shifting. Upskilling yourself makes sure you're not left behind.

  5. Spend 1 hour without your mobile (or any gadget) - Use this time for meaningful experiences; time for yourself, your loved ones. We spend too much time online and we don't want to risk forgetting how to be present.

  6. Avoid processed sugar - I'm no nutritionist but this has been scientifically studied again and again. Processed sugar ain't good and we're having too much of it. It is highly addictive. You don't need to go on a strict diet, but improvements in our nutrition by avoiding a simple thing as sugar can already show improvements in health (and mind). This is a tough one for me because I looooove me dessert!

  7. Declutter and clean up - We've stocked a lot of things over the last months. And people. You know you'd feel lighter if you made more room. Remember, for change to happen, we must let go of things that hinder this change.

And there you go. 7 simple tasks. In this challenge, we focus on CONSISTENCY rather than INTENSITY. What matters is we refocus our attention and get the right habits in. Eventually you can level up the intensity.

Let's do this! Share your #Reset stories too, I'd love to see!


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