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Finish 2022 strong and feeling your best!

This year has surely been a ride for all of us! Aside from current events outside, you've gone through the peaks and troughs within you too. Periods of joy and periods of struggle, both have contributed to your growth.

I want this 7-day challenge to be an opportunity for you to recollect, find your center, and gain clarity for what you've experienced, and what you wish for the coming year of 2023.

This challenge will be SIMPLE but I PROMISE it will make a difference, simply by committing to simple acts and exercises.

You can start anytime from November 21 to December 23! As long as you do it 7 days straight.

Sign up with your e-mail and/or your Instagram handle so I will send the challenge mechanics to your inbox:

You will get:

-- Challenge guide and calendar

-- 60 minute session with me (if this helps, or if you want to talk about anything you're struggling with)

-- A GIFT, if you complete the challenge!

This is all for FREE. As usual with any program with me, I only ask for your commitment to yourself. This is the only way to see results.

I am doing the challenge with you. Let's do this!

Please leave your email/instagram to receive the challenge guide:

Thanks for submitting!

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